ICME conferences are the largest international meetings in mathematics education with sessions related to the entire set of activities in the field. The Congress attracted over 2000 mathematics educators from the international community. Plenary sessions, major lectures, Topic Study Groups, Discussion Groups, Country Showcases, and special sessions were organized to capture the breadth and depth of mathematics education across the world.

The National Science Foundation funded 53 awardees to take part in the Congress. The awardees were selected from a pool of over 600 mathematicians, university mathematics educators, and educators from K-12 schools by a Steering Committee consisting of representatives from the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, American Mathematical Association of Two Year Colleges, Mathematical Association of America, American Mathematical Society, United States National Commission on Mathematics Instruction, and two members at large.

Each Steering Committee member chaired a particular theme group related to issues currently significant in the United States landscape of mathematics education. The awardees selected a particular theme group and as a group designed their participation at the Congress partly around events and/or sessions related to their theme. The groups met several times during the Congress to discuss what they were learning and implications for education in the United States.
The themes were
• Professional development
• Relation between research and practice
• Reasoning, proof, and proving
• Shaping mathematics education through testing
• Information and communication technology
• Applications and the mathematics curriculum
• Representation and its role in mathematics
• Preservice education.

Awardees were charged with writing a description of their experience at the Congress to reflect their perception of the Congress as a whole and/or as it related to the particular theme the awardee was following throughout the Congress. These papers are grouped according to the themes with a summary paper for that theme.

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